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Travel is the sexiest industry in the world! Plan steamy hot exotic vacations for couples, or a girls/guys trip hitting up the plush lounges in a vibrant metropolitan city.


According to the World Travel and Tourism Council "the travel industry has grew 3.9% and contributed $8.8 Trillion to the world's economy in 2018". (WTTC, 2019) 


Whether your taking a ride down memory lane or emersing yourself in a new culture, travel creates unforgettable moments shared amongst friends, family, and loved ones. 


Travel agents have the opportunity to work as much or as little as they want, and from anywhere in the world. You don't have quotas to meet or a boss telling you what to do.


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All About Archer Travel Est. 1952
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Our Culture Evolution & Archer Travel: New Beginnings
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Travel Agent Testimonies

Join The Travel Agent 

Opportunity Q&A Group.

7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Travel Agent


You have the opportunity to help people and solve problems. Whether they're needing urgent 

accommodations or want to plan a trip and don't know where to start you are here to help them!


You have the opportunity to learn about many different destinations, cultures, and countries. You can become a specialist in your favorite destinations. The training and knowledge sets us apart and you can become the travel expert amongst your peers.


As a travel agent you have access to hundreds of travel suppliers. They send you exclusive deals and promotions that you can promote to your clients. If your client found something cheaper on their own many of our suppliers price match. We have direct access to Business Development Managers of our preferred suppliers when we need assistance. Suppliers often provide travel agents with many perks, benefits, and incentives for completing their training or booking their properties.


Travel suppliers want us to sell their properties to our clients. Many travel suppliers offer familiarization or fam trips to travel agents so that we can better sell it to our clients. Fam rates/trips are deeply discounted rates (sometimes complimentary stays) only offered to travel agents.


As a travel agent you are an independent business owner. There are many tax deductions and benefits that the government allows for us including research and development, advertising and many more expenses associated with running your home-based business. 


Our host agency, Archer Travel, goes above and beyond by providing us with many tools to help us grow our business from trainings to live supplier webinars and even creates marketing tools for us. Our leaders and seasoned agents at Evolution Travel are more than happy to help you succeed and also have numerous trainings for us daily. As Evolution Travel Founder David McCovy would say, "you're in business for yourself but NEVER by yourself".


You are already traveling so you might as well get paid! Most suppliers already include the travel agent commission in their public price. If a client books themselves then the supplier keeps the commission. You can book your trips yourself and come back to a commission check or take advantage of your travel agent rates and benefits.  

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