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Easy VIP Booking

  • Request your quote. You can fill out my general booking form here. The more information that you provide the better can I tailor your travel experience to your lifestyle. Please at least include the number of travelers, the number of kids and their ages, the dates, if you are unsure of the exact dates you can say the desired days (ex. Wednesday-Saturday in May), and your max budget. 

  • Review your Proposal, I will send you an email with links to the properties and attach a proposal that displays the prices. You can reply back with your approval or favorite package, or let me know what changes you want made. Remember, each trip is tailor made to fit your lifestyle so you get unlimited modifications!

* Prices are not guaranteed until a deposit is made or reservation is held with a card.  

  • Register your booking. After you select your desired travel package, I will send you the official travel registration forms and invoice. You can authorize your payment or reservation directly from the invoice, over the phone with me, or in person. I will send you your receipt and the confirmation emails.

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Protect Your Trip

  • We understand that life happens, so protect your investment​ by purchasing travel insurance.

  • Travel insurance gives you a peace of mind and can cover trip cancelations and delays, medical expenses, lost luggage, natural disasters and more.

  • When you purchase travel insurance, you are refunded 100% of the cost of the trip (minus the cost of insurance). It's not a travel credit, the funds are actually refunded back to your card or via check depending on the supplier. 

  • Travel insurance terms and conditions vary by supplier, I'll be more than happy to go over them with you during the booking process.

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Access My VIP App

  • Once you register your trip, you will have access to my VIP Travel App. In connection with Umapped, Afar Mag​azine, and Wcities I will create an itinerary, with stunning visuals that will wow your friends and keep all of your trip information in one place! You can view it on the web, print a PDF, or from my VIP Travel App.

  •  No more going through tons of emails for your trip information or having to search on the internet for pictures, with my VIP Travel App you can view exclusive content, important details and more with just one click of a button.

  • You have exclusive access to me 24/7, if you have any questions, want to change something, or just want to say hi, the best way to reach me is through my VIP Travel App.

  • As your travel agent. I am available throughout the whole process and will be in communication with you until you return from your trip. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or concerns. 

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Easy Payments

  • You can easily pay from the official invoice, over the phone, or we can even meet up and go over the travel details in person!

  • Our payment processing system uses SSL encryption, which is the same technology banks use to protect sensitive information.

  • Credit card data is secured by Auric, a third-party, PCI-DSS compliant company, using secure tokens to encrypt payment information. For more information on Auric, see here.

  • After your payment is complete you will be emailed your Credit Authorization From which must me completed and sent back along with a picture of your photo ID within 24hours of your booking.

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